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Senator Cheryl Kagan, “The Coronavirus has devastated so many Industries. The reality is that we need Congress and the White House to work together to continue to provide support!”

Episode Summary

Monica and Jack have a very candid conversation with District 17, Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan about Non-Profits, 911, Styrofoam ban, #foamfreeMD, getting out the VOTE and so much more.

Episode Notes

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Senator Cheryl C. Kagan (D-17) returned to elected office in 2015, where her energy, dedication, and experience in all sectors– public, private, and nonprofit– have made her an effective advocate for the residents of Gaithersburg and Rockville. In 2019, she was appointed Vice Chair of the Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee.  

Kagan is a nationally-recognized expert on “Next Generation 9-1-1,” which will update our emergency response centers with modern technology resulting in increased reliability. Inspired by the death of Rockville activist and District 17 resident Carl Henn due to a 9-1-1 failure, she chairs the Maryland NG911 Commission, which issued its second annual report in December of 2019

(301) 858-3134